“I typed in »holiday home for sale in Spain« and got 10 million results” said  Mrs. O.S., Real Estate buyer from Sweden   Stockholm, September 2016
When you share the market with tens of thousands of other real estate agencies and developers, how do you get noticed?
Big brands spend millions each ear to rank well on search engines, magazine adverts, tv spots, radio advertising, fancy private or public events and many other “interesting” strategies.

But what can small and medium size agencies and developers do? The question that bugs many marketing managers, sales directors or company owners in this period.

The 5 things to consider:

1. Aim at the right market

Just because one particular nationality is buying properties abroad, does not make it automatically your target –they might buy in other areas of your country or price-range that does not fit your portfolio.

Identify what market is “your market”.

2. Know what the buyers want

Each nationality favors a particular type of property, a particular number of bedrooms and even reacts to particular key words.
The word luxury has one impact in Russia and a different impact in Sweden.
3. Know what are your USPs

Your company has over 20 years of experience, you are very professional and you offer personalized services. Guess what –so do your other 20 competitors from your area.

Find what makes your company and properties/area unique –you will be surprised what unique selling points you have.

4. Use the right tools

You would be surprised how much money is spent on the wrong marketing tools. Small businesses with limited marketing budgets should not dive into five-figure marketing campaigns that are completely untested for them.

Don’t place your hopes in only one strategy but don’t use them all – consulting an expert will save you the headache of choosing right.

5. Have realistic expectations

Do not expect too much to happen too soon. Overblown expectations make many companies give up on a good market or a good strategy before it starts paying off. 

If the decision was a sound one from the beginning, stick with it and it will pay off!

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