Powerful and practical seminar attracted 256 Belgian real estate buyers

Seminar: “Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Overseas”

In association with: Second Home Expo

Where:Brussels Expo

When:  29th of September - 1st of October, 2017

Hour: 14.00 -14.45

Mrs. Jurga Skrabulyte, Founder & Managing Director of Domus Alliance  has been selected by Second Home Expo  to hold an educational seminar for lucrative real estate buyers in Brussels, Belgium.  “The interest from the Belgian buyers was enormous, and I wish we would have had a bigger seminar theater booked, as we ran out of seats available- says Jurga Skrabulyte, who is known in the industry as one of the strongest public speakers.
“I thought Swedish were obsessed with educational seminars, but when I saw  256 property buyers queuing up, I realized that Belgian buyers are looking for a trustworthy advise too”- said Mrs. Jurga Skrabulyte. 

The main purpose of the seminar was to advise the buyers on how to avoid the most common mistakes when buying abroad and to eliminate the fear factor. Fear of making a wrong decision, fear of not having enough trustworthy information, fear of choosing a wrong agent and /or a wrong property. 

“I think we have definitely achieved our goal, as I have received so many emails from the attendees, thanking me for eliminating their fears and even inviting me to their house warming party next summer” – said Jurga  before heading to the airport for another inspection trip…