Let the Lead Generation Marathon Begin...

Domus Alliance  is proud to announce the start of the 2017 Autumn Real Estate Exhibitions Season
                                        IN SWEDEN, BELGIUM, HOLLAND & FINLAND

Domus Alliance, a full-service real estate marketing consulting & PR company opening the doors to Benelux, Russia and Scandinavia, has officially started today the 2017 autumn season.

Domus Alliance has been participating for the last 12 years at these real estate exhibitions, making it possible to create a database of over 30,000 + real estate buyers from Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Finland & Russia.

The first show on the list would be Buying Properties Abroad in Stockholm ( Sweden) starting on 23rd of September and ending on 24th of September, 2017. Domus Alliance team will be at the stand number 28, from 10 am up to 17 pm. They will represent clients from: Spain, Portugal & Thailand

Next on the list will be Second Home Expo Brussels (Belgium) starting on 29th of September and ending on the 1st of October. The Brussels Expo is a 3 days event. Starting from 11 am up to 18 pm. Come and meet our team, we have properties from French Alps, Madeira Island and Canary Islands. During the event Ms Jurga Skrabulyte - the founder and CEO of Domus Alliance - will have a seminar on what mistakes to avoid when buying abroad.

Buying Properties Abroad Gothenburg (Sweden) is the third expo on the list. The event is a two days show, from 6th to 7th of October, 2017. At our stand you will find beautiful properties from Italy -Lake Garda, Spain & Portugal. Our team is prepared to answer any questions that the buyers might have!

During Gothenburg event, in Holland there will be another real estate exhibition that Domus Alliance team will not miss. It is the Second Home Expo Utrecht Expo, a 3 days event starting on the 6th and ending 8th of October, 2017. If you missed the seminar in Brussels, do not worry you have a chance to see it again in Utrecht. Prepare a pad and a pencil in case you might want to right down all the tips on how to avoid mistakes when buying a property abroad.

Buying Properties Abroad Malmo ( Sweden) will be the fourth show on Domus Alliance's list. It is a two days event, starting from 21st -22nd of October, 2017.

Last but not least, let us not forget about Buying Properties Abroad Helsinki, a two days event, starting from the 11th to the 12th of November 2017. It is a small venue but we consider it to be the cherry from the cake. The buyers have big budgets and they are ready to buy!

Come and meet us at one of the above real estate exhibitions and we will tell where and how much you can invest.