Domus Alliance is the leading real estate marketing & concierge services company, serving an international network of buyers from Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Russia and UK.

Being a leading real estate marketing company for many years, allowed us to build an extensive network of the best international agents, developers and service providers. We source properties using our international network and the market knowledge and only present those to our clients that closely match their criteria - saving them valuable time.

We are helping in generating sales for the industry’s top players: Savills, Oceanico Group, Fred Olsen, Pestana Golf & Resorts, Sotheby’s (France), Remax, International Hotel & Casino and many more

Our clients are achieving more sales and saving at least 40% on their marketing budgets by using our industry’s relationships: local media, PR companies, exhibition organizers, advertising companies, governmental bodies & international real estate associations.

Upcoming Events 2018

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Spanish Pavilion

Dedicated to the Best Spanish Properties

Spanish Pavilion is a dedicated area for high profile Spanish companies, at the largest real estate events in Belgium, Sweden and Holland.

Why Participate?

1) Exhibiting in the Spanish Pavilion is a great opportunity to showcase your projects in a DEDICATED AREA, ensuring buyers...


Scandinavians Flock to Spanish Real Estate

Did you know that Swedes are now the fifth biggest foreign buyers in the country!

Second-home buyers are the main factors that help the Spanish property market recover, including a growing number of Scandinavian buyers.Swedish nationals made up the fifth largest of foreign buyers in Spain in 2017, accounting for...


Powerful and practical seminar attracted 256 Belgian real estate buyers

Seminar: “Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Overseas”In association with: Second Home ExpoWhere:Brussels ExpoWhen: 29th of September - 1st of October, 2017Hour: 14.00 -14.45Mrs. Jurga Skrabulyte, Founder & Managing Director of Domus Alliance has been selected by Second Home Expo to hold an educational seminar for lucrative real estate buyers...


Did Brussels Go Well?

OUI! Nobody in Brussels generated more leads than Domus Alliance! Total number of leads: 645 !Total Visitors: 4, 065Numbers of Selfies Taken: 1,2, 3 ... ...


Was Stockholm a Success?

OH YES! Nobody in Stockholm generated more leads than Domus Alliance!Total number of leads: 223!Total Budget: EUR 78.3 Million Would you like to be represented at the next largest real estate exhibition in Benelux? Next Stops:✔ Second Home Expo Maastricht (The Netehrlands) 27th-28th of January, 2018✔ Second Home Expo Ghent (Belgium) 3rd...


Let the Lead Generation Marathon Begin...

Domus Alliance is proud to announce the start of the 2017Autumn Real Estate Exhibitions Season IN SWEDEN, BELGIUM, HOLLAND & FINLANDDomus Alliance,a full-service real estate marketing consulting & PR company...